Lifeguard’s Retreat, Northcott Mouth

My son has lifeguarded at Northcott Mouth over the past years during his time at university and also after his PHD when taking a break from intense brain work. Like me he finds solace at the beach as well as loving the sea and feeling the sense of freedom in it.

It can be windy at times and over the years the boys have created what they called ‘the bunker’.  A pile of large stones which have created a haven from the wind.  If you happen to go out there take a closer look and you will see some of them have carved their names into the large sitting stone.

They had a great affinity with Margaret at the tearooms and she gladly would have fed them pasties and cream teas all day long. Tom still goes to visit her regularly. She is one of Bude’s biggest characters and at 83 is still working a full summer in her caravan and tearooms.

Anyway… to the painting!  It wasn’t the main piece for exhibition ‘Colours of a Tangled Coastline’ but it attracted a lot of attention.  Painted on a large canvas with very free energetic brushstrokes, it has so much energy and light. The large stones of the bivvy anchor the painting and the give a sense of depth to the seascape behind. Northcott Mouth has become one of my favourite places to paint and features in many of my paintings.

Although the original has sold, it is available as  a lovely popular print in various sizes .