ABOUT ME - a Cornish artist

 As a Cornish artist, I work to create paintings suffused with  the atmosphere, light and weather of the North Cornish coast ingrained with my heritage.

My art is life, life is art.  My life is a  constant process of seeing, recording to memory or paper, ideas and thoughts to be painted or to inform on new pieces of artwork. 

No two paintings will ever be the same.  I like to make a painting that I don’t know. It keeps the process fluid, responsive and exciting. 

 What starts out as one idea may become something else entirely.  Intuition and letting the paint find a way are all part of the process. After layering  loose watery areas of colour, the paintings process might include sanding, wiping off and glazing further layers of light, followed by more impasto brush marks. 

The coast of Cornwall takes the full force of Atlantic storms and weather which has shaped our coastline over the centuries. As a Cornish artist, it feels right to use these same movements, building up layers of history and light on the canvas. 

Working so close with nature, I am a keen guardian of our beaches and supporter of the #2minute beach clean movement and other community projects that have started here in Bude. 

For five years I have been a part of the #cruelandcurious  art collective in conjunction with the National Trust.  ‘and a North Cornwall collective called Ingenious Pursuits‘. A group of likeminded people with quality at it’s heart and ethical values.

I live with my husband and have two sons who live and work here too. Tom is head distiller at The Cornish Distilling Co making rum just outside of Bude and Harry carries on a cornish tradition of Dry Stone Walling. 

I am very proud of my heritage and connections to Bude, it’s people and history, but also it’s future.  I am a people person at heart and  very vivacious, so it is an irony that there are no people in my paintings.  I prefer my paintings to have a solitude and timeless nature, but  I like nothing better than to share stories and connect people on projects or new ideas that benefit our community. 

As you come into Bude you might notice the roundabout with the large rusted structures.  Completed with a friend and help from local people, if you’d like to ready more, the story of this is here .

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