My painting process ……

 I work to create artwork suffused with  the atmosphere, light and weather of the North Cornish coast and ingrained with my heritage.

My art is life, life is art.  My life is a  constant process of seeing, recording to memory or paper, ideas and thoughts to be painted or to inform on new pieces of artwork. 

No two paintings will ever be the same.  I like to make a painting that I don’t know. It keeps the process fluid, responsive and exciting. 

 What starts out as one idea may become something else entirely.  Intuition and letting the paint find a way are all part of the process. After layering  fine watercolour areas of colour, the paintings process might include sanding, wiping off and glazing further layers of light, followed by more impasto brushmarks. 

The coast of Cornwall takes the full force of Atlantic storms and weather which has shaped our coastline over the centuries.  It feels right to use these same movements, building up layers of history and light on the canvas. 

Working so close with nature, I am a keen guardian of our beaches and supporter of the #2minute beach clean. For five years I have been a part of the #cruelandcurious  art collective in conjunction with the National Trust.  ‘and a North Cornwall collective called Ingenious Pursuits‘, High end crafts people which holds an annual show.  With a friend I designed the roundabout structures as you come into Bude. So look out for them.  There’s an article here if interested.  

Follow my instagram account for day to day happenings from the studio.   Link is HERE