Shimmery sea

With stormy clouds coming in off the Atlantic, the glimpses of sunlight make the sea glisten in places. Although we think of the sea as blue, it was in fact a beautiful serene grey green with lighter aqua patches running through it and sparkles dusted on the top of the waves.

My Latest Completed Painting

Millook Beach

My latest finished painting is of a small cove down the coast. Not a tourist hotspot because of its abundance of round bolders . It is a storm beach on the Atlantic coast of North Cornwall at the end of deep wooded valley.  My style is loose, and I have tried to depict the depth of sky and sea with lots of layered colour. The sea changes colour every second and this colour was embedded in my memory, a beautiful turquoise reflected from the stony seabed.

The Vagaries of the English Weather

February’s weather can be unpredictable and today was no exception.  When its windy as well, the weather can change in a matter of minutes. Today ………..after waking to an unexpected frost, it was blues skies all round.  By lunchtime though, the clouds started rolling in, darker and darker, the wind howling in the chimney with spits of rain all afternoon.  To get any atmospheric photos this time of the year, you have got to be on your toes.  No good thinking “I’ll go this afternoon”. At least the rain meant I could get on with laying down some ink and acrylic washes on a new commission I have started.  Wonder what tomorrows weather will bring?


Over the coming months, I hope to post my views on life as an artist. I live, work and breathe art by the sea.  The sea is my constant inspiration and I will put up works in progress and my thoughts and philosophy living in this stunning environment. So to transport yourself to this part of my world come back and see me soon.