Cornwall Seascape Commissions

Have you always wanted your own personal Cornish commission? A favourite place with memories or a painting of that just brings you to Cornwall anytime. 

I work closely with clients which starts with a good conversation about your needs….. size, where it is to be hung and your ideas.

Cornish Seascape

Finding the style

To help us both, the conversation will include discussing the location and what it means to you if you have a particular one in mind.  Looking back at over my portfolio can also be very helpful to see if there are any  particular paintings you like .

This helps me to gauge the  style you like, colours you are attracted to, the scale, viewpoint and how much detail you want.

I only take commissions over 60cm square or 60cm wide, long  and start at £700.  My prices for commission pieces run about 15% more than ready completed paintings  and I require a 20% deposit to begin to cover materials.


Cornish Gorse, Widemouth Bay

Some Examples

Summerleaze beach bude
Summerleaze painted for the Sea Pool Auction
Northcott Mouth painting, Bude, seascape
Mesmerising, Northcott Mouth
Wave painting, seascape of Cornwall
Eternal Waves
close up wave, wave painting, seascape, Cornwall wave, Bude , abstract wave, loose painting composition, energy, blues, beautiful sea
The Widemouth Wave
Widemouth bay painting
Seaspray, Widemouth
wave painting, cornwall surf, shorebreak, sea painting
Walking the Wet Sands of Maer