Rick Stein's Cornwall Series 2 with Artist Sue Read

I had the best day filming at Porthcothan with Rick Stein and the production team for Rick Steins Cornwall Series 2. 

It was a beautiful day and I made a cracking painting which I went on to finish in the studio.  It wasn’t easy talking to camera and painting, but the team put me at ease and we had a great conversation. The highlight though had to be going for a quick dip with Rick in the sea.  It was chilly, but appeared tropical.

The response to the programme was just phenomenal and I have met the loveliest of new followers and collectors through orders or visits to the studio.

 Sue featured with  Rick Stein’s Cornwall Series 2  Episode 5 Friday 7th January BBC2 .

You can watch the programme on Iplayer here .

 Prints of ‘Porthcothan Blues’  are available.  Further info is below. The original is special to me and on my own wall for now. 


“Porthcothan Blues”

.  Just hearing the sound of the sea Mordros was enough for me to paint instinctively using a myriad of blues, from cerulean, to cobalt and indigo and more,  hence the painting title.

Just paint and we will chat said the director.  Easier said than done, but I loved the experience and am delighted with the finished painting.  

Limited edition paper and canvas prints are available.  The original is part of a collection of work based around Mordros to be released in the Spring as a show.  If you are interested in a print now, please see the details on the pages below