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sue read - Cornwall Seascapes

Lymnores a'n mor ha'n arvoryow

Cornwall Seascapes and coastal paintings created by Sue Read, a Cornish artist in Bude, North Cornwall.

My seascapes and coastal paintings of Cornwall are  full of moving skies, dramatic seas combined with the layering of the unique Cornish light

There is a sense of adventure in my work interspersed with spaces of calm reflected by my life on the North Cornish coast.   More of this in the film above.

The sea is my sanctuary .A place to imagine new works and connect with nature. 

With the expansive skies and ‘Mordros’, Cornish for ‘the sound of the sea’ , there is a sense of timelessness in the pull of the tides.    All shaped by the weather and waves of the North Cornish coast. 

Lying just outside of Bude on the coast of North Cornwall,  I work from a beautiful barn studio on a farm that has been in my family since the early 1900’s . It’s where I bring those recorded images into life on the canvas of my Cornwall seascapes. 

As well as originals, I offer a large print collection on paper and luxury canvas to bring the sea into your home.  

Owning a piece of art will transport you right there into the memory, feeling and  colours, which all make for a happy space of contemplation and mental well being, often overlooked in our spaces at home. 

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Cornish artist, Sue Read,

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