Sue Read – Cornwall Seascapes

About Me

My Cornwall seascapes are original, emotional and vital.  Painted in a barn studio in North Cornwall on the farm which has been in my family since the early 1900’s.

There is a sense of adventure in my work interspersed with spaces of calm reflected by my life on the North Cornish coast. Imagine the wildness of a winter’s storm, the stillness of a spring dawn and the rugged coastline shaped by waves and weather.

Working with a variety of media including oils,  I respond to my connection with nature and my local landscape through sketches and memory. On the canvas, marks appear and disappear as paint is applied and removed.  It may be sanded away and further paint and glazes applied.   This process of painting is how I respond to my landscape and it very much makes me feel a part of it.

The sea is my sanctuary and  I love to be in it. When painting,  there is no barrier between the subject, the paint and myself.  It is total immersion on a most intimate level.

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Studio Visits

I like to meet prospective art buyers, so the public are welcome to my studio by appointment. Please give me a call and get exclusive first viewings of my Cornwall seascapes and other work in progress at my barn studio at Wooda Farm.

Recent paintings

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If a Wave could sing

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